DWTS Brooke Burke Charvet has thyroid cancer!

Wow I was in total shock when I read that Brooke Burke-Charvet was diagnosed with thyroid cancer! She is only 41 years old and a mom. She found out through a routine physical. Further tests revealed it to be cancerous. She has been appearing every week on Dancing with the Stars smiling and joking around with the contestants. She is one tough cookie! Part of me is frustrated with some of the comments that I have seen on various sites. The most common one – “But she doesn’t look sick!”  Cancer is a disease that hides, when you really look sick that is usually when it is in its advanced stages or going through treatments. You don’t have to look sick to have cancer. The person sitting next to you on the subway or bus could have cancer and you wouldn’t even know it… It is unbelievable how many people are being diagnosed with cancer.

I am glad that this is a “good cancer”, although I don’t think any cancer is a good cancer, as Brooke puts it. Her doctors seem really optimistic and so does she.

To fight cancer you need a positive attitude.


2 thoughts on “DWTS Brooke Burke Charvet has thyroid cancer!

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  2. This just means indulging in something that increases your risk. It may be smoking, or drinking too much, or eating a very unhealthy diet. Some of us look after ourselves better than others. And this can have a real effect on our health. But some people look after themselves really well and still get cancer. While others don’t seem to look after themselves at all and never do.

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