Bond marathon

4Showcase is having a James Bond marathon this week-end! Although they are only showing six movies, out of those six,  four are by my favorite James Bond! When I was younger I remember people talking about James Bond and how Roger Moore and Sean Connery became famous by playing James Bond. I have always been a fan of Pierce Brosnan’s, can’t remember what movie made me fall in love with him. Yup I fell in love with an older man LOL! He has this ” je ne sais pas quoi” about him. I was very disappointed when I learned that he wouldn’t be playing  James Bond. Apparently they were looking for a younger James Bond.

I am not a huge fan of  “Quantum Solace” or “Casino Royale” – Daniel Craig  just didn’t do it for me in those movies. They were pretty good  since I have watched them several times LOL! If you really think about it I don’t think Pierce Brosnan would have fit into this new James Bond. He is a very dark James Bond.

The new film “Skyfall” is coming out this week and the trailer is so freaking awesome. I am kinda looking forward to seeing it! The special effects and the plot look amazing!


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