Knitting project #1

With the weather getting colder, I pulled out my knitting needles and found a really cool pattern for a scarf. I have never tried “lace” knitting, so I was a bit nervous as I casted on my stitches. I restarted 3 times before I managed to figure out the K2to and ssk stitches! From watching different youtube videos, I have come to the realization that I knit one way (I think English style) and purl another way (Continental style). Since I am not sure what style I knit in understanding the ssk and K2tog was very confusing. I can’t remember who showed me how to knit – I know it was while I was in scouts, since we used to knit scarves using only the knit stitch and sell them at the Christmas bazaar’s.

Since this is one of the most intricate patterns I have ever tried, I needed to figure out how to keep track of every row I was knitting. So I wrote out each row on an index card, that way I knew I wouldn’t mess up. I cast on 28 stitches compared to the 58 on the original pattern. Since I am not very fast, it may take me a few days to finish this.

Knitting a new scarf #knitting

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