Jonathan & Charlotte

Friday, May 11, 2012 – I  am so excited that Jonathan and Charlotte made it to the finals of Britain’s Got Talent. These two have a really beautiful friendship… Simon finally agreed that Jonathan made the best decision ever to stay together. I really do hope that they win!

On a side note… I watched their performance on youtube… When I watch anything on youtube I make sure to log out of my gmail, since I really don’t feel like having google track everything I watch. Tonight I totally forgot and saw to what extent google tracks your every move. Sometimes you will see commercials before the actual video clip and imagine my surprise when all of a sudden I am being shown a french commercial! Yes I may live in Quebec but I do not want to listen to these really cheesy quebecois commercials! I really do not get their humor. As a test I went and signed out of my gmail account and lo and behold when I replayed the video I got a really cute Purina commercial – now that’s more like it. I tried another video and again I got an english commercial. I signed back in and get that cheesy commercial again. I seriously do not appreciate google choosing what commercials they think I will be interested in watching! So that is my rant about google for today…

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