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Wednesday, March 28, 2012 – This week I started reading – To Kill A Mockingbird – I remember reading this in high school and pretty much don’t remember a thing. A few months ago I saw the movie and some things did come back. I managed to get ten pages read but the style of writing is so different from “The Hunger Games“. That was a style I like, when you read and it is as if the author is talking to you. When I write , it is as if I am talking… So I was getting a little frustrated,  I need something easy and fast to read when I go to work. So I decided to start another book that I had borrowed from the library and leave “To Kill A Mockingbird” for another day.

I started reading – The Thieves of Darkness – written by Richard Doetsch. I had read another book he had written last year – The 13th Hour. That was a pretty amazing book – one of those that you can’t put down because you really need to know how it ends. Come to think of it.  I think I read it so quickly that I vaguely remember how it ended. Damn I can’t remember exactly how it ended. I read so many books that sometimes I can’t keep track. With summer just around the corner I know I will be reading a lot more. I like being able to sit outside with a good book and read. Now with the new apartment, I have a nice balcony and backyard that I can’t wait to be able to do that.

I found this site – 750words.com – as an option for an online journal. After reading about it I figured I would give it a try. At first 750 words didn’t sound like a lot but it is quite the challenge. So far I have only written 506 words. I thought writing a blog post a day was a big challenge, this is even more of a challenge. I wonder if it stops you at 750 words or you can keep on writing. At that point you will be on a roll… This website also gives you points and badges for how many words you write. They also have monthly challenges as well.

So lets say this has piqued my curiosity… They say that at 750 words your creative juices start flowing and ideas start popping left and right. A creative brain dump… Writing is a way to clear the mind, it is a different way of thinking and working out problems. Sometimes you can’t say what you really want to say out loud but on paper it all comes out. I know that has happened to me a few times.

I still really like 280daily – that was pretty short and sweet! Sum up your day in 280 characters – that’s 2 tweets LOL! I think that’s why when I saw this I thought to myself – oh this is a piece of cake. I think that my brain may have thought it was 750 characters and not words. That is a huge difference! But I think that I will manage to get 750 words in before midnight!

I will enjoy the rest of my Jelly Bean tea from David’s Tea and start thinking about tomorrow’s blog post. I don’t think I have any blog posts that have been 750 words or more. I wonder if WordPress has a word count. (I just checked and they do have a word count.) I am thinking that by the end of 2012 my writing will have improved immensely if I keep writing 750 words a day. Apparently that is roughly 3 pages…

Yay! I actually wrote 750 words!


2 thoughts on “750words.com

  1. Hi :-) Thanks for the pingback! Just to let you know, you can carry on writing as many words as you like. It alerts you when you hit the 750 words mark but if you still need to get some *stuff* out, you can pretty much carry on writing for as long as you need to.

    I decided to not sign up for any more monthly challenges as it began to feel like a chore having to write every day so now I just do it when I really need to get some things out.

    I have been writing about 40 + days and in that time I have managed to find new insights and worked through things in the manner of getting it out of my head so I could look at things from a new angle. It has helped; but on average takes about 30 minutes to write and sometimes I’m done in about 10 mins.!

    Good luck with it, Imogen :-)

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