Finished reading Mockingjay

Saturday, March 17, 2012 – Finally finished reading the last book of “The Hunger Games” trilogy – Mockingjay. I am not sure if I liked the ending or this book. I really did like the first two and couldn’t wait to read the third book but I think it was not as strong as the other tow.

Don’t read further… spoiler ahead if you haven’t read this book yet!

I was disappointed by Prim’s death and it left so many unanswered questions as to who was behind that attack. Was it Coin or the Capitol? There were so many deaths in this book… I was definitely surprised by some… I am glad that Katniss did end up with Peeta but hadn’t expected him to try to kill her. Peeta had been captured by Snow/the Capitol and tortured. They had brainwashed him and put fake memories into his brain. Once the rebels had freed him, a game was created “Real or not real”. Some parts were really action packed and edge of the seat – almost made me miss my stop a few times. But I think I prefered the other two books.

Either way this was an amazing series and now I that I am finished it I need to find something new to read… Any suggestions?


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