Tapping for college

Joshua Johnson (image from his website)

Thursday, March 8, 2012 – While students here are protesting over tuition hikes, here is a guy tap dancing for his tuition. I came across this article about Joshua Johnson on NY Times. He is a sophomore student at Penn State and tap dances on week-ends to support himself.

He is a Harlem native, who never thought he would be going to college and we he got accepted to Penn state he was excited to go. Joshua saw this as an opportunity for a brighter future. A college degree would mean a well-paying job and he would be able to help his mom and younger brother.

Although he does get some loans and a small scholarship he still doesn’t have enough to make ends meet. He needs an extra $6000/ semester to pay for books, rent, food and other things. So to raise this he taps and on a good day can make up to $250 more than what he makes at his part-time job.

His hope is to be an inspiration to young and old – well he truly is! For more information on Joshua Johnson check out his website.


One thought on “Tapping for college

  1. Reblogged this on tanguyenable and commented:
    It is amazing what people do in the face of adversity. I guess this is the determining factor for a person’s success or failure in their lives. Many people are fortunate to not have to face this, but imagine that you are in a similar situation, what would you do? Will you be brave enough to exhaust all your options or will you give up in fearing failure?

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