Lime gelato

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012 – Another tea adventure… Last week I got a couple of samplers from Davids Tea and so far I like every one of them. If only I had gotten this green tea instead of the Korean Sejak a couple of weeks ago… That green tea was pure evil – I had a few sips and then threw out the rest. I salvaged it by mixing it with a herbal fruity blend – strawberry & kiwi.

The lime gelato is pure heaven compared to the Korean Sejak :) It smells great in its package, while it is steeping and while drinking it! The directions said to use 2 teaspoons but I used one Davids spoon (which according to David is 1 1/2 teaspoon – the perfect teaspoon for the perfect tea). I was afraid to put more after my previous horrible experience.  The suggested steeping time was 5-7 minutes so I steeped it for 5 min to be on the safe side. So far I have noticed if I steep for a short period the tea tastes better.

This tea was great – the ingredients are: apple, sencha-style green tea, pineapple, lemongrass and lime yogurt flavoring. I am not sure which flavor comes out the strongest but the combination of these ingredients tastes awesome! I am pretty sure this would make a great iced tea! I steeped it for a second time and it was just as good. I don’t think a third steep will retain a lot of the flavors unless I steep it for 7 min instead of 5 min.

This one tea that I will definitely be buying again! And so my tea adventures continue…



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