Saturday, February 25, 2012 – We basically got snowed in and all my plans for this week-end got ruined! So what do you do on a cold winter day – BAKE!!! So I went online looking for something to bake… First I went looking on Pinterest for ideas and saw so many recipes that I wanted to try. I think I spent way too much time there, it is so addictive.

The wind keeps howling like crazy and I still haven’t found the right recipe. There are so many recipes I want to try but I am always missing at least one ingredient :(

While I was following a link to some really tasty looking lemon squares I came across foodgwaker.  It looks like Pinterest but solely for food. I am in food heaven! Foodgawker is a photo gallery of food photography that is submitted by different food bloggers. I am hooked and definitely signing up so I can save all those delicious dishes that I have been staring at for the past hour.

All I can say is see for yourself, I can guarantee you that if you like food you will be hooked. They also have a few other websites – the gawkerverse, craftgawker and dwellinggawker.


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