Are you serious!!!!!

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Monday, February 20, 2012 – I can’t believe my phone company! I have had problems with them since I moved. First they didn’t put my service on hold like they were supposed to, so I had to pay for something I didn’t even use… Next, for close to 2 weeks I had no internet service since for some reason they couldn’t process an address change (well that is the excuse I was getting!).  Since I need the internet for my job there was no way I was going to wait indefinitely for them to reconnect my internet. I canceled  and switched and couldn’t be happier.

I pretty much wanted to cancel my home service and today I almost did it! I got my bill today and let’s just say that the service I had asked them to remove hasn’t been removed. But what got me swearing all kinds was the $5.00 charge for dialing *69 twice! First of all I don’t remember doing it but arguing with them leads you nowhere. I have spent hours  on the phone with them and still don’t have what I want.

Their customer service is so bad – they put you on hold for hours and then once you start explaining your problem your call is mysteriously dropped. No wonder so many people are switching or just canceling.

Well this is my rant of the day!


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