Catching Fire

Thursday, February 16, 2012 – I finished reading “The Hunger Games” over the week-end. I couldn’t put it down, it was just so good. When I read books and if they are really good, I can see the story in my head. It is as if the book comes to life – I have a great imagination and am a very visual person. I think that is why I am picky with the books I read… if after a few pages the book hasn’t captured my imagination I stop reading. Sometimes I end up picking up the book again if it had great reviews…

“The Hunger Games” was so riveting! If you keep reading, be warned there may be spoilers here. While reading about the games I was wondering and hoping that Katniss wouldn’t have to kill Peeta in order to win. Since she is the main character I knew she wasn’t the one that was going to die. When they announced that there could be 2 winners from the same district, I think I started doing a happy dance.

This book was an emotional roller coaster – I loved how Rue and Katniss joined together. Rue’s death was so unfair, but how Katniss sang to her and covered her with flowers was so touching.  Katniss saving Peeta, not once but twice, actually three times. The first time is when she goes to find him (after it is announced that 2 tributes can be winners), then when she risks her life to get the medicine needed to save him and finally at the end of the games when they announce that there can be only one winner. She pulls out the poison berries – they were both going to eat them. The Capitol panicked and finally said there can be two winners.

Once I finished the first book I was so glad that I had the second one in my e-reader that I started reading it right away. I am about half way and can’t believe all the plot twists going on! Peeta and Katniss are back at the 75th Hunger Games – will Peeta die? Will there be a revolution in the Districts? So many questions… I have a funny feeling that by this week-end I will have my answers. The third book is already in my e-reader! I am so glad that I decided to pick up this series, but what will I read next… Ant suggestions?


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