Discovering new teas

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 – At work the guy I share my office with has this nifty glass for making tea by Bodum. Eventually I want to get one too… He often makes Davids Tea – Love Tea #7 and the office smells so good! I wanted to get some too but ended up getting Coffee Pu’erh, since they were out of the other one. I had never heard of pu’erh tea and was curious. The girl who served me said that if I like coffee, this particular tea makes a great latte. So I decided to be adventurous!

The first steep ended up being as dark as a black coffee and smelled really great. I had my first cautious sip and knew I had to add sugar… it had this really strange taste that I wasn’t too sure if I would keep drinking this. I usually drink fruity teas and rarely add sugar. Since the girl from Davids Tea had said that this tea is sort of an alternative to coffee, then I was going to treat it like coffee. I had some caramel macchiato cream for coffee in the fridge – being adventurous I decided to add that to the tea.  I think that this cream brought out the caramel flavor of this tea – it turned out to be really good. The second steep was even better. I think I found my coffee replacement tea!


2 thoughts on “Discovering new teas

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