The cute couple

The cute couple

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 – I have the cutest puppy ever, who has the other cutest dog in the world as her boyfriend!!! I bet that made you laugh! My little puppy is my guardian angel and today she was my valentine.

Frisbee and Mica are my favorite couple – they are so cute together. The last time they were together was so adorable. Frisbee had his head on her and they cuddled together. At one point they were sleeping next to each other and no one wanted to move to wake them.

Boston terriers are gentle and very intelligent dogs. They are very lovable dogs and have lots of love to give. They are very sensitive to your tone of voice. They can sense your mood by the way you are talking. They love to play and I can vouch for that. Frisbee will bring the ball to you and wait for you to throw it. He will play with you till you finally get tired and tell him – no more play. Mica loves to play too but she will wrestle her bay or toy with you before letting you throw the toy. But she was starting to learn from Frisbee to drop her toy and then wait for it to be thrown.

Bostons are truly a man’s girl’s best friend! I love my puppy and everyday she puts a smile on my face.


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    • I am enjoying this project, but yes it’s not easy… a few times I have been trying to figure out what to write about without it sounding really lame! I still want to get in entries for Jan 1 – 18, so that this projects’ official date can be Jan 1. I hope I’ll be able to complete this!

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