God has a plan

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 – One of my friend’s favorite sayings is “Everything happens for a reason”. Things have happened in the past that made me wonder why and question them. Sometimes it was little things where things would work themselves out. The ones that really made/make me question as to why is this is happening are where you wonder – why is God letting this happen?

God has a plan

I was born a Christian but I can’t say that I am a practicing one… but I do believe that there is a higher power out there.  Over the past few years things have happened that make me wonder why is God doing this… Today my friend told me this really sad story that gave me goosebumps. It was about a young man who had gotten electrocuted on the job and survived. Typically someone who would have been electrocuted with the voltage that he had received would not have survived. His injuries are terrible – most of his body is burnt, he has lost a leg, he is constantly undergoing operations to prevent infections… This where we started talking about her favorite saying “Everything happens for a reason”. Why did he survive such a horrific accident, where he will never be the same? Why did God let him live? To me, God works in mysterious ways. We talked about how God has a plan for everyone and some of the hardships we go thru are for a reason. My friend believes that this guy will make it and become an inspiration to others with disabilities like him. Who knows? But there definitely is a reason for him surviving…

Many things have happened around me that makes me wonder – like a friend I knew, who was in a motorcycle accident during a trip to the Maritimes. He was only 26. He was a great guy, a well loved teacher (he had just started teaching) – way too young to die. Being a teacher, he could have influenced so many kids or changed their lives. Why did God let him die?

At the time it was hard to imagine someone my age dying, then another friend died of cancer a few years later – he was 30.  A year ago a friend of mine’s father died of a massive heart attack. I remember speaking to him a few days before… My friend’s dad and stepdad both passed away from cancer… these were all good people, but God must have had a plan.

Maybe God’s plan was to make the people affected by these tragedies stronger. Philip was very active in the community and volunteered his time with many organizations. His work and dedication definitely has inspired others to do the same. I guess if you look hard enough you will probably find the reasons.


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