Leonard’s day & Fruit Loops

Thursday, February 2, 2012 – Just finished watching one of my favorite shows and just couldn’t stop laughing. Sheldon is his usual self and wants Leonard to drive him to the dentist, but Leonard is just too tired. He was up all night doing one of Sheldon’s emergency drills. He decides to opt out of the roommate/friendship agreement relieving him of all his duties, like driving Sheldon around. Things get interesting… Sheldon tries to get everyone to drive him to the dentist but no one volunteers. Back at the apartment there is a blackout and Sheldon pulls out some glowsticks, telling Penny that they are better than candles. Leonard walks into the closet and pulls out a huge light saber! Penny and Leonard go to her apartment and as usual Sheldon interrupts them. On Penny’s advice Leonard goes back and tells Sheldon he will be his friend on certain conditions. As usual Sheldon has a counter offer – Leonard’s Day.

Meanwhile Howard is looking for a nickname, he is going to be an astronaut. Rajesh keeps suggesting him names but according to Howard the other astronauts are supposed to give him his nickname. They come up with a plan to put Rocketman as Howard’s ringtone, hoping that Rocketman will become his nickname. But as usual their plans backfire. Howard is skyping with another astronaut and like planned Rajesh phones Howard and “Rocketman” starts playing. Howard is all excited thinking that his plan worked but in the background his mother yells that his fruit loops are getting soggy. The astronaut then calls Howard – Fruit Loops!


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