How do you dream?

Friday, January 27, 2012 – I have always wondered how other people’s dreams look like because mine are so real. I have asked some of my friends about their dreams and not many seem to dream like me. Many don’t remember their dreams, others see it as black and white and not in color like I do… None have described their dreams being as vivid as mine.  When I dream I feel as if I am in a movie or soap opera and I am one of the characters. Sometimes the characters are people from my everyday life other times I don’t know them but they feel familiar. Some people I have asked about their dreams have told me that they don’t dream. According to science everyone dreams because we all experience REM sleep.  It is thought that during REM sleep our brain processes that day’s activities and makes them into memories. If that is really what happens then it would explain why some dreams feel like a deja-vu. Another question I always ask is what language do you speak in your dreams? I dream in English even though I speak 3 other languages.  Most of my friends dream in English as well and not their mother-tongue.  Strange… maybe because we speak in English all day long… but even when I would be working all day and speaking in French I never had a French or bilingual dream… I wonder how our brain decides what language to use.

So how would you describe your dreams?

3 thoughts on “How do you dream?

  1. I *thought* I was only dreaming in my mother tongue, Afrikaans, until I started thinking about it… After 17 years in the USA, I guess it makes sense that I’m actually dreaming in English! My kids say they dream in Afrikaans, English and Spanish, depending on the dream (and place we are in, I guess).

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